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Pishgaman Tandorosti Iranian Co. established with the aim of  helping to  upgrade the knowledge of society in order to have  healthier life  and development science and technology. The Main strategies  of the company are, maintaining company values ​​and reputation , providing superior quality, innovation and pioneer in providing services and products in accordance with the highest international standards. The company uses the efficient management and quality assurance systems and using the principles of science and research to meet the requirements of health care.

The main targets of thr company are:

1-     provide customer with products of high value through a continuous quality improvement process. In addition, it assures that service, education and the required technical support
are provided to each of our business partners and customers.

2-     Management to have customer assurance system and service satisfaction for all products and services which company offered .

3-     The company is dedicated to building exceptional performance into every product we manufacture, and to ensuring consistent availability.

4-     Our goal is to support every PTI  customers not only with exceptional products, but also with the training, education and personal attention that may be required.

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